iPhone 5's new features

The iPhone retails at £529 for a 16GB unit, £599 for a 32GB unit and £699 for a 64GB unit, available in both black and white. But considering the steep price of the model compared to it's slightly older 4S model, are the iPhone 5's new features worth the price?

New Features

4 Inch Screen

One of the iPhone 5's new features include a larger 4 inch screen at 1136x640 pixel display. Compared to older models, the iPhone 5 is also thinner. However, the difference is only slightly noticeable with white models, and can barely be seen if you purchase the black iPhone 5. However, the screen now has a 16:9 aspect ratio, compared to the old 3:2, making it more suited for watching videos.


The iPhone 5 is built with an A6 processor, which doesn't compromise on speed and performance, instantly loading aps and allowing smooth operation. The graphics performance is also said to be double that of the 4S, making gameplay smoother, too.

Camera Quality

Although the pixels have not changed from the 4S models, the camera lens and sensor have. The biggest of the iPhone 5's new features is the crystal cover for the camera lens making it scratch resistant, allowing sharp, clear photos even the rest of your iPhone is battered. The added ability to capture still images whilst also taking a video is also incorporated into the iPhone 5's software, as well as a significant quality upgrade to the front-view camera allowing 720p video.

4G Connectivity

The newest wireless mobile network connectivity - super fast 4G - is readily available on the iPhone 5 and improved wifi connectivity compatible with hotspots and wireless routers with greater coverage.

Value for Money?

In terms of the iPhone 5's new features, it's certainly a step forward from the iPhone 4S. However, since the iPhone 4S retails at a whooping £200 cheaper, you may want to consider how much you really want these new features before upgrading hastily; it may also be worth waiting until the iPhone 5 has been out for a few months, so any glitches or problems can be ironed out with a new upgrade from Apple.

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