iPhone 5: October 4

Just when we were starting to think it would never happen, Apple has finally named the date for the launch of the iPhone 5. Or at least, it's named the date for a press conference with the tagline 'let's talk iPhone.' Which sounds very much like the launch of the iPhone 5 to us.

That confirms rumours that had pinpointed October 4 as the launch date, and the location as Apple's Cupertino HQ - which has also proven true. Slightly embarrassingly, this seems to be because the usual large San Francisco venues Apple have used in the past are all booked up.

Of course, the real questions are still to come: what will the iPhone 5 look like? Will it be accompanied by a '4S'? Will Steve Jobs put in an appearance? And what does the apparent focus of the event on the iPhone mean for the future of the iPod range?

All will be revealed...

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