iPhone 4th Gen was stolen?

When the iPhone 4th Generation was left in a German theme bar last week and then ended up in the sweaty palms of Gizmondo it was the biggest coup that could have ever happened to the gadget website. But in a major twist it looks like the story may not have been as black and white as an Apple employee being a little forgetful after a few too many beers.

It’s been reported that the editor of Gizmodo, Jason Chen’s home has been raided by Californian police task force Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT) sparking rumours that the not on sale yet iPhone may have been, stolen. It’s said that the warrant for the search specifically mentioned the the Apple prototype 4G iPhone.

The police left the home of Mr Chen with his computers and hard drives but Gizmodo’s parent company Gawker Media may be taking action after they said the raid was illegal. The case rumbles on.

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