iPhone 4G leak

With the iPad finally hitting shelves and the unveiling of the new OS 4.0 iPhone firmware, it's been a busy couple of weeks for Apple. Until we see Steve Jobs smiling like a nerd possessed with the 4th Generation iPhone at the keynote in June, it's safe to say that this won’t be the last we hear from them over the next few months.

Today the first pictures of what the 4G iPhone will look like were leaked. As is always the case with leaks, its not known if the pics are genuine or a hoax. The photo of the back shows a much desired redesigned iPhone outer casing with the camera still in the top left and the volume rocker in the same place.

Whilst the world’s geeks drool over the potential new iPhone, rumours about which new features will be added have gone into overdrive. Various sources suggest that the current 3mp camera on the 3GS will be upgraded to a 5mp (with a further upgrade to 8mp in 2011). There will also be support for HD video recording, a front facing camera for video calls, an OLED screen (to assist better battery life) and an increase of memory to 64GB.

Until we see Jobs with the shiny new toy in his hands at that Keynote, it’s impossible to know if these rumours are true or just pipe dreams. We hope the former.

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