iPhone 4 makes its debut

Already bored of your iPad? It didn't take long for Steve Jobs to create another gorgeous slice of tech for you to sink your money into. This time it's the new, fourth-generation iPhone. And, yes: it's the one that got leaked to tech blog Gizmodo in April, prompting Apple to send armed police round to the editor's home.

The new version comes with a 5 megapixel camera, a gyroscope for better movement-based games, and a super-high-resolution screen which, Jobs claims, offers more pixels per inch than the human eye can see (which seems a bit pointless to us, but Jobs says makes everything look smooth and lovely).

Not everything was perfect though - the presentation was held up for a few minutes when the internet service failed just as Jobs tried to demonstrate the phone's browser. Methinks someone'll be getting fired for that one.

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