iPhone 4 Jailbreak arrives!

Do you have the iPhone 4? Do you want all the Apple-disapproved apps? Are you not bothered if you invalidated your warranty? Then, today friends is your lucky day, because the first firmware to jailbreak your new gizmo has been released.

Jailbreakme comes courtesy of various dev teams and word has it allows you access to Cydia – the unofficial app store packed with juicy apps which Apple declined to approve. A super neat aspect of the new download is that users don’t have to go through the usual rigmarole of downloading, syncing, waiting and MORE waiting to install the firmware. Eager nerdlingers simply need to go to Safari on their phone, click on website JailBreak.com and follow the instructions.

The only reported flaws are faults with MMS and FaceTime; but this won’t stop millions of people jailbreaking their iPhone 4.

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