iPhone 4 a SELL OUT

As the old saying goes ‘I want, doesn’t get’. Well if you’re pining after one of those spanking brand new iPhone 4's that every mo-fo is gibbering about, then we’re afraid to tell you that even if you ask politely AND in the Queen’s English AND with cherries on top, the answer is still NO...because according to reports the bleeding handsets are already sold out.

The gizmos go on sale in the UK on the 24th June (that’s Thursday next week nerds) but Apple have confirmed that there has been so much pre-order demand that the quickest way to get your mits on one now will only be to queue up like the common pleb on release day *tsk*. That or theft (they didn’t say the theft bit, we said that).

Don’t cry if you live in North Wales and your nearest Apple Store is in New York because pre-orders via the Apple website will still be possible but they say you won’t receive any package before the 2nd July – almost 2 weeks after release date. There is an option to reserve your phone on the Apple site and for you to pick it up in store. Of course all this is all counting on you having a spare £499 to buy it in the first place. After all it’s only a phone isn’t it?

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