Find the best iPhone 3GS wholesale price online

If you're a phone retailer, then you'll likely know the importance of keeping up to date with the latest wholesale phone prices. Buying handsets in bulk is always going to represent something of a risk for your business, but you can ensure that you take every possible step to get the very best price for your company by using some of the helpful websites available online.

While you are probably quite happy with your current wholesale stock provider, it does absolutely no harm to look around to see if you can find yourself a better price, especially given the fickle nature of the phone market these days, where a phone can be the hot ticket one minute and then yesterday's news the next as punters abandon it in favour of the latest fad.

At cellpex.com you'll be able to check the very latest iPhone 3GS wholesale price, as well as order direct from the sellers on the site. With plenty of information about each deal, as well as the sellers offering it, you'll have no problem finding out which ones are the best fit for your company.

Not only can you buy iPhones though, the site has a huge range of phone wholesale deals, ranging from small orders of five to ten units, to much larger ones of one hundred or more. Obviously the more you buy the better deal you'll get, but it's worth spending some time on the site to make sure you are finding the best prices available.

At the moment the best price available for the iPhone 3GS per unit on the site is around £168, although prices can go as high as £245, so you'll need to act quickly in order to snap up the best deals.

Even if you're not looking to change your wholesaler, it can be good to know that you can use the prices available at Cell Pex in order to renegotiate better rates, saving your company money in the process.

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