We look at the best iPhone 3GS tariffs in the UK

We love our smartphones, and we absolutely couldn't live without them since we've grown so attached to them over the last few years, but for many people there are still several barriers in the way preventing them from smartphone ownership. The first is, quite obviously, the high cost of the handsets themselves. Costing hundreds of pounds for a single phone, it can be quite hard to justify such a high outlay for something that can essentially be done for much cheaper with a traditional phone.

Sure you'll lose the ability to download apps from the Apple App Store or the Google Android Marketplace, but you'll still be able to browse the web, stay in touch with your friends on social networking sites, check your location on Google Maps and send and receive email, which is essentially all we use our smartphones for anyway.

The next factor is the cost of monthly plans. Now this one is slightly less of a problem these days, especially when it comes to the iPhone 3GS tariffs in the UK which have come down quite a bit in price lately. It used to be the case that they were well out of reach for most people, but these days you can get them for very less. We've taken a quick peek at some of the best priced tariffs around, so check it out and it might sway you into buying a brand new iPhone 3GS.

The best deal to be had in the UK comes from 3. With a 24 month contract you'll be able to get 300 minutes of air time, 5000 texts and 500MB of data use for your iPhone for just £27.04 per month, or if 500MB isn't enough, you'll be able to up it to 1000MB for just £32.04 per month in total.

The best offers from elsewhere come from Vodafone who offer 300 minutes of air time, unlimited texts and 500MB of data per month for£32.68, and O2 who offer the same deal for £34.68 per month.

The best all round value for money however comes again from 3, who offer you 2000 minutes of talk time, 5000 text messages, unlimited data and free device tethering for just £35 per month.

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