Lets try and find a cheap iPhone 3gs for sale UK

Are you looking to pick up a cheap iPhone 3gs for sale UK but don't know where to look? Well, you're in for a treat, because in this blog we're going to show you a shop offering outrageous bargains on the iPhone 3GS right now.

While the focus of the technology world has moved on to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS is jut as capable a handset, with many people even preferring it due to the complete lack of antenna related issues. Thanks to the iPhone 4, the price on the iPhone 3GS has also dropped considerably.

If it still hasn't dropped far enough for you, then have you considered checking out the bargains on offer at CEX? CEX sell pre owned iPhones, but there's absolutely zero risk in buying from them as they extensively test the phones and offer a full guarantee on them, so if you've somehow been landed with a defective one, they'll give you your money back.

CEX are currently selling the Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB model for the low low price of £235, which represents an oustanding saving on the currently quoted price of around £500 on this phone on pay as you go from one of the UK providers.

You can even order the phone online to be delivered to your house by following this link - http://uk.webuy.com/phones/product.php?mastersku=SAPPIP3GS8GB. Check out CEX today and pick up a bargain iPhone. They even stock all other models of iPhones, so they have the best selection in the UK.

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