iPhone 3gs Cases - A necessary Evil

The iPhone 3gs is arguably one of the best looking phones around today, slender and curved many would say it is better looking then the iPhone 4 even. With its big screen though and plastic back many people are afraid to use their phone in case they should drop it.

I know many people who have been in the unenviable position of having to replace the screen of their iPhone because of damage from a fall and the saddest thing of all is that all such damage is easily preventable. There are a seemingly infinite amount of iPhone 3gs cases available for very low prices these days as they are trying to get rid of their stock and each protects the phone in different ways.

The Plastic Case

Plastic iPhone 3gs cases are possibly the best protection with the case absorbing all the shock from any fall, they usually come with a free screen protector and a tool for applying it bubble free. Although it must be mentioned that plastic cases are often quite brittle and although they will protect the phone, more often than not the fall will break the case itself.

The Silicone Case

Available in a variety of colours and shapes these cases are my personal favourites for a variety of reasons. They provide an extra level of grip so falls become less likely and when the phone does fall they allow it to bounce. Bouncing will ensure your phone takes only a mere fraction of the force to itself and the cases integrity is never compromised.

The Leather Case

The iPhone 3gs cases most people go for are leather ones which often incorporate a flip to protect the screen and a clip for attaching the phone to your belt or pocket. They are a little more expensive then the other options but provide great protection and are a stylish alternative.

Whatever case you go for your phone will have a much longer life because of it that is certain.

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