iPhone 3GS 8gb - A Bargain

These days there are two kinds of people, those who have iPhones and those who don't. The truth is that the iPhone is one of the greatest devices ever and everyone should have one, even if you do not think you need one or want one you secretly do.

Now I know obtaining an iPhone can be a costly business with the latest iPhone being locked to lengthy contracts or hefty price tags but it is not the only way to get on the iPhone train.

The iPhone 3gs 8gb is still an incredible phone it has all the speed of an iPhone 4, you are only losing out in screen resolution and camera quality. Apple released the 8GB 3gs at a lower price when the iPhone 4 was released and it is still selling very well.

The truth is 90% of the genius of the iPhone is its operating system, iOS is as good on the iPhone 3gs 8gb as it is on the iPhone 4 so you are still getting the best part of the pie, just at a greatly reduced cost.

Many people believe that the iPhone 4 is just a stepping stone anyway, that the real update to the iPhone will be the next model so you could argue that spending a small amount of money now while you wait for Apple to announce the next version of their world changing device is a very smart move.

Even without this inside knowledge the 3gs is still a no-brainer at the low low price it is available for in UK retailers such as The Carphone Warehouse and online stores. I say grab it while you can.

 (photo © iPhone)

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