There's never been a better time to buy an iPhone 3gs 8gb mobile!

Have you always wanted to buy an iPhone? Unless you've got mounds of cash lying around it can be a difficult proposition. Phone companies are aware of how badly people want one, so prices have stayed quite high!

There is one option a lot of people haven't considered though? Why does your iPhone have to be the lastest model? Why not pick up an iPhone 3gs 8gb mobile? They do 99% of things the iPhone 4 does, and they're FAR cheaper!

Apple wisely left this model of the iPhone on the market for consumers to have an affordable entry point into the iPhone family, and the good news is, most United Kingdom carriers have this phone in stock right now, and it's the cheapest iPhone out there.

To give an example of the savings you can expect, Vodafone UK currently stock the iPhone 3gs 8gb mobile on their pay as you go option, with the price set at £400. Compared to the price of the iPhone 4 model - £600, this is a serious saving!

O2 offer a similar package of deals, with the iPhone 3gs 8gb mobile costing £400 on pay as you go, while the iPhone 4 32gb costs £600 on pay as you go.

While £400 may seem excessive, this is the lowest price you can expect to pay for an iPhone, unless you're willing to go down either the pre-owned route, or if you sign up for a potentially costly (and lengthy) contract.

Hopefully this has made your iPhone quest a little clearer!

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