iPhone 3gs 16gb - A Perfect Mobile

Everyone knows that everyone wants a smartphone, even if they do not realize it yet most people even need a smartphone. Smartphones make the most irritating of lifes tasks simple, from banking to getting directions, smartphones cover it all.

The iPhone 3gs 16GB perhaps covers it better then most. It is arguably the greatest mobile ever created and certainly still holds its own against the newer competition.

The iPhone 3gs has, naturally enough, dropped in price significantly since the arrival of its bigger brother the iPhone 4 which makes it an absolute steal. You can still purchase the iPhone 3gs 16gb from most mobile phone shops and you are getting a lot for your money.

The 3gs runs on the latest firmware from Apple and is compatible with all the same apps the iPhone 4 is. Thats nearly 2 million apps! The iPhone 3gs has a 3MP camera, 16gb of internal storage and a magnificent comfortable form which is nicer to hold then the edgy iPhone 4.

The 3gs is a great entry point into the new age of being properly connected wherever you go. People have no idea how much an iPhone can change their life and in my experience once they have tried one they never go back to a regular phone.

So should you get an iPhone 3gs 16GB?

If you want a cheaper way to get on the bandwagon then yes the 16GB 3gs is the best way to experience the revolution without shelling out the extortionate rates the networks want for the iPhone 4.

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