iPhone 3G owners rejoice (a bit)

Oh, Apple. You delight us with your products and you dismay us with your half-truths. When iOS4 was announced, bringing multitasking, icon folders and assorted other treats to iPhone users, we owners of the iPhone 3G were delighted that were going to be able to upgrade. OK, we weren't going to get multitasking, but you said our phones weren't fast enough, which was fair enough. But, we thought, it's still totally worth upgrading, right? I mean, you should always run the most up-to-date software your hardware can handle, right?

Looking back, the fact that iOS 4 wasn't available for the original iPhone - which actually has the same memory and processor as the 3G - should have been a worry. But Apple said it was OK, go on, upgrade, it'll be fine. And Apple are all about 'user experience,' all about not letting users do things that'll stop their devices working properly. There's no way they'd recommend an upgrade that our device couldn't handle.


So, we upgraded. And...... gaaah. Our iPhone 3Gs run at a crawl. We can tap out a whole sentence before the phone's screen starts registering our button-presses. The browser freezes up for minutes at a time. Horrible.

OK, so, rant over. Now here's the good(ish) news - iOS 4.1, announced this week and out on Wednesday, was said to improve iOS4's performance issues on the 3G. And, it turns out, it does - a bit. This vid will explain:

The guys at Gizmodo are behind the test. Their summary: 'While the speed advantages ranged from marginal to significant, iOS 4.1 clearly outperformed iOS 4.0. It's still significantly slower performance than you'll get from a 3GS or iPhone 4, and we're still not sure it's a big enough improvement that 3G owners will want to ditch iOS 3. '

If you've already upgraded and are wishing you hadn't (like us), sit tight. Help - of a sort - is on the way.

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