iPhone 3G owners: help is at hand

Maybe it was being sued by angry iPhone 3G users that did it, but it looks like Apple might finally be about to address the problem of 'brickgate'.

You see, when the iPhone 4 came out in July, it came with a new version of the iPhone software, iOS 4. Users of the older iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G were advised to upgrade.

But iPhone 3G users - like, for example, us - found that the upgrade made their phones crazy slow:

iOS 4.1 improved things, but just a bit. But now it looks like iOS 4.2, to be released imminently, might finally turn things around. Apple fan site TiPb did some tests based on the developer preview release of iOS 4.2, and the results are encouraging.

Do you have an iPhone 3G? Did you upgrade? Did you find it hellishly slow? Are you looking forward to iOS 4.2, or do you no longer trust Apple upgrades? Tell us below.

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