Where is the iphone 16gb on sale?

Looking to bring down the cost buying an iPhone will incur? You aren't alone! With a little savvy it's perfectly possible to pick up an iPhone for cheaper than you may think, you just need to follow our simple steps!

Buying an iPhone is a bewildering experience. There are so many different sizes, and models available, that it can be hard to know which one to go for. Let's start our hunt for your cheaper iPhone by suggesting that you don't look at the 32 GB model. This model is far and away the most expensive one, retailing for over £600 on pay as oyu go in the UK.

Nobody really needs that much storage on the go, so we suggest looking into iphone 16gb sale as this model will be much cheaper. 16 GB is the perfect amount of storage, it still adds up to thousands of songs, and plenty of apps, so it shouldn't cause panic.

Another suggestion of ours is to skip the expensive iPhone 4 and instead look at the older 3GS models. Just because they're older doesn't mean they won't do a brilliant job. Having owned both, we can emphatically tell you that the differences between the two models are slight, to say the least.

In fact, with the aerial issues that have plagued the iPhone 4, some people would say the 3GS is the superior model! This model is available direct from Apple's online store, but it may be harder to track down in shops as they would have long cleared their stock of it.

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