Tech heads out there will be drooling over Apple’s latest triumph of sexy design and cripplingly repressive rules over which apps you can use on their machines - AKA the Apple iPad. It’s coming to the UK in March, so get yourselves ready for some seriously slick marketing based almost entirely on the sleek look of the thing (it must be said it does look good).

But how does it work? And is it actually any good? Read on, readers. First of all, the screen works well and shows web pages in the way they were supposed to be seen. The colours and text are clear and easy on the eye, and there'll be a minimum of eye-ache with the thing. This is good. The browsing is also dead easy, and the use of your finger is surprisingly intuitive. Obviously the video capability is excellent, and it’s easy to switch between wide and full screen as you wish. It also goes without saying that iTunes works excellently; the best feature being the ability to sync your iPad with the content you have on your PC. It also has WiFi as standard and will be open to al networks for those who want to wait for the 3G phone network version (June of July, probably).

As yet we don’t know how much it’s going to cost, but it’s $499 in the US, so expect a hefty old sum (although pretty good relative to its capabilities). It’s also pretty big to hulk around with you (9.7 inches) and as such will make you a magnet for muggers. Do not go flashing this around the place until it’s become more common for people to own one, lest you be held up at knife point while scribbling down an email in the park.

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