The iPad 2, tablet computers beware!

<p>It is a known fact that Apple are the leading manufacturers of tablet PCs, that is up until recently. The market has become flooded with different tablet offerings from many of the big boys in the technology world. Motorola has recently released its Xoom tablet to a great response from consumers and tech heads in the market.</p>

<p>For these reasons Apple have decided to re-enforce the stranglehold that they have on the current tablet hungry market with the iPad 2. iPad tablet computers have recently driven shops and customers into a frenzy despite having  received mixed reviews from the media.</p>

<p>The problem people are having with reviewing the iPad 2 is that it really is much more of the same. The iPad had some glaring omissions and they have basically rectified those to keep up with other company's offers.</p>

<p> Things like front and back cameras have been added. The A4 processor is now the Apple A5 chip making it a faster machine. They have a new 3 axis gyroscope so the accelerometer and compass can figure out where the machine is and how it's moving.</p>

<p>All of these additions are small potatoes though and this is the problem the media are having with reviewing it. Yes it's sleeker, yes it's slimmer but releasing it so soon after the original iPad's release has left many customers wondering why they bothered with the iPad.</p>

<p>In short iPad 2 tablet computers will take over the market. It is still the best available but this is mainly down to IOS4.3. With Android becoming more and more popular as the days go by Apple may need more than just a face lift to stay on top next time!</p>

 (photo © Flickr)

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