iPad survives iDrop

If you’ve just spent a cartload of money on fancy new electronics, the last thing you want to do is bash up the screen; and given how fragile most new gadgets are (and how clumsy we are), this is always a possibility. So step forward G-Form and their new padded iPad cases, which can protect you precious piece of Apple guff from all sorts of damage, including being dropped out of your helicopter. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video below.

Apart from the impressive feat of an iPad being dumped to the ground from high up, reaching almost terminal velocity, the thing we liked the best about the clip is the X-treme style of the presenter, who whoops and hollers like a true wally when their little experiment pays off. We were hoping that the iPad would crumble like a biscuit once they opened up the case, but alas, no. Oh well.

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