iPad Supreme Edition unveiled

So if you thought forking out £500+ for an iPad was a little out of your budget then chances are the new supreme edition isn’t for you either. Priced at a whopping £129,995, the expensive toy is gold plated with a solid gold and diamond encrusted Apple logo on the back – bumping up its weight from 730g to over 2kg.

The supreme edition is the brain child of luxury gadget designer Stuart Hughes, who has made 10 of the high-spec models using 53 bespoke diamonds and 22ct gold. As well as the limited edition iPad his company makes gold plated iPhones for £2000 and gold plated Nintendo Wiis for £300000.

Mr Hughes described his collection: ‘a magnificent combination of top of the industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was involved in creating a masterpiece.’

Interested? Then pop over to his website www.struarthughe.com to make a purchase or three.

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