iPad release delay

If you’re like anyone with two hands and a pair of eyeballs you’ll be uber-excited about getting them on the incoming iPad at the end of April. Of course if you live in the US you’d have spent the last week drooling over the glowing in the dark oblong and being an all round Apple bore, but if you’re in the UK you’ve had to wait. Unfortunately this minor delay has now been pushed back by another month.

The eagerly awaited multi-touch tablet now has an international release date of the end of May with pre-orders being taken from May 10th. Talking about the last minute release date change, Apple said it was due to the unexpected large demand Stateside: ‘demand is far higher than we predicted and will likely continue to exceed our supply over the next several weeks’.

Apple sold 500,000 iPads at £328 a pop in the first week in the US and some users have already complained about Wi-Fi connectivity problems with it. Suggestions that this may be the reason for the delay have been neither confirmed nor denied. Either way, it's another piece of global PR for Steve Jobs and co.

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