iPad outsells the iPhone

If you thought that nothing could beat the popularity of the iPhone, then you may have underestimated the power of Apple to produce shiny new toys, each a bit shinier than the last. The iPad has notched up its 1 millionth sale in the US in just 28 days - that's half the time that the iPhone took to achieve the same status. Since its launch Stateside, users have downloaded 12 million apps for the smartphone / laptop device and 1.5 million digital books. Boffins at Apple attribute the surge in popularity to the addition of the 3G version of the iPad which was released on Friday.

While details about the UK release date have been skimpy until now, Brit i-fanatics can expect to have the glowing oblong in their hands by the end of the month. Pre ordering and pricing details will be revealed on May 10. That's four days after the general election. But then, who cares about that?

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