iPad mania

If the iPad fails in any shape or form be prepared for an array of poor pun headlines about the iFad and the like. Luckily for those who dislike a cheeky play on words, Apple’s latest product looks like it was an initial hit with consumers.

The large iPod Touch, sorry iPad, was released into the wild Statseide on Saturday and much to the pleasure of every news channel it brought with it a line of geeks who were willing to camp outside an Apple store (and get on the telly). According to early stats 300,000 iPads were sold on Saturday with a load more expected to be shifted this week.

Unfortunately for nerds in the UK they will need to wait till Saturday 24th April (nearly 4 weeks away) to get their hands on one. Of course there’s no stopping you camping outside an Apple Store from today, you may want to take along a Mac Book 'Air Bed' though LOL. Sorry.

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