iPad Kindle app deets

There’s no hiding the glaring fact that the incoming iPad is just an over-sized iPod Touch. Yes it’s on the top of most nerds need-to-get-or-I’ll-explode list but apart from being six times the size and nearly thrice as expensive it does exactly what the iPod Touch has been doing for the last 2 years.

Before the iPad lands in the UK at the beginning of April the big buzz about it has been its ease of ability to read books digitally (which the Touch can't really do). But when it comes to digi-reading the Kindle is the overwhelming trailblazer and now the New York Times have got their hands on V1 of the Kindle app for the iPad.

Wetting themselves with excitement over the new toy the newspaper say it easily lets you skim through the pages of the book with a simple a wipe of the screen (once you’ve purchased it from Apple’s new iBook store), with a backdrop of a silhouetted figure reading from a tablet beneath a tree.

Sadly there’s been no confirmation of a shuffle feature.

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