iPad gets a UK price

If you’re one of the many who have been brainwashed by marketing and hype (like us) then you’ll be super keen to get your hands on the incoming new product from Apple, the iPad. The iPad has been on sale in the US since Easter and reports (from Apple at least) have said they have literally been flying off shelves.

The UK though don’t get a look in until the end of May if they want to buy one, but until now the price tag for the glow in the dark oblong has only been guess work. According to Rock Of Gibraltar though the tablet computer will retail at a whopping £599 for the 16B (the iPod Touch is a quarter of that, does more and is much smaller) and £749 for the 64GB 3G – which you’ll need a £30 a month 2 year mobile contract to enable.

Still you can’t put a price on being the cool dude down the pub can you? Oh, you can, about £1500 by the looks of things.

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