Is an iPad docking station a necessity? Yes, yes it is!

With an iPad docking station your iPad experience will completely change. You will get much more than you ever expected from the tablet. With a decent docking station your iPad can transform into a mighty boom box, playing tunes with great quality and volume. Movies are much more watchable and you can even make a fancy digital photo frame.

Surprisingly there really aren't very many iPad docks out there but there are some. The best that we have come across has to be, hands down, the Haier IPD-01 The Flex iPad Docking System.

This system is the perfect iPad dock. It is small, yet the speakers pack a colossal punch. It is slick, it looks great and it will suit any mantle piece or bedroom thanks to how stylish it is.

The genius behind the Haier Flex is the 'Flex' aspect of the dock. You can move your iPad into any position to make for optimum viewing, comfortable typing and picture viewing. It can easily rotate from any position with ease.

The dock makes typing a lot easier thanks to having both hands completely free. Also anything beats balancing it on your lap and trying to type. The dock will hold any position you give it making typing a joy.

The speakers come with digital volume and a remote control. This makes it the perfect party sound system. You can navigate the menus and the track lists without any problem and switch between tracks or adjust volume with just a few clicks on the remote.

The Haier docking system will help you get the very best from your iPad, check it out!

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