iPad Daily launches

It’s been talked about for months but finally the baying, or to be more accurate the 'paying public' can now get their fingerprints on the first iPad only newspaper.

The Daily is a Rupert Murdoch venture and tie in with Steve Jobs and Apple. It’s priced at 99c per week or $40 for one year’s subscription. But, is it good enough for iPad users to pay for, rather than simply use other free-to-see online newspapers? From first viewing it looks like an accomplished version of The Sunday Times with various sections such as ‘gossip’, ‘fashion’ and ‘sports’ as well as full screen photos of the relevant news stories and videos.

Murdoch has said he wants to see 1 million subs in order to make it economically sound, and with the oblong tablet still flying off digital shelves it could be a feasible target. It’s currently only available in the US, with plans to bring it to the UK market over the next few weeks. Watch the Guardian’s review below...

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