iPad conquers all

We know, you're sick of hearing about the iPad. But facts have to be faced: it's an unprecedented phenomenon. Apple's tablet, released just a few months ago, is making them more money than all of its MacBook laptop range put together.

That's the MacBook, two models of MacBook Air, and several models of MacBook Pro all jumbled up. Together they brought Apple $3.69 billion in the last three months alone. But the mighty iPad brought in a cool $4.6 billion.

The whole Mac business brought in $5.43 billion. 'So the iPad just needs another $800 or so million to surpass it,' points out TechCrunch. 'That will happen at some point this year.'

Think about it: a product that Apple launched last year is doing better than the product they've been making for twenty-five years, the one that made them their name.

What's not clear is whether other manufacturers are going to be able to grab a piece of the action. The iPad accounts for 87.4% of tablets sold in the third quarter of 2010, according to new figures from analysts IDC. That was before Samsung released its Galaxy Tab, the first big Android rival, in the Autumn, so the next quarter's figure should be more even.

All in all, Apple had better get that iPad 2 right - this is a hell of a lead to lose...

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