iPad breaks 3 million mark

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad at the beginning of 2010 there were naysayers aplenty predicting it would be a flop – nooen needs an iPad and it doesn’t even support Flash or have a USB port. Well, after 80 days on sale they are oh so wrong.

As expected, there was an initial surge of buyers in the first couple of weeks, but new stats now tell us that it’s showing no signs of slowing up, with 3 million of the little blighters being sold, and counting. This makes it not only one of the most successful new Apple products eve,r but of any product, EVER!

The landmark comes alongside the news that Apple has over taken Microsoft in annual revenue, making it the biggest computer company in the world. Of course this isn’t even including sales of the brand new iPhone 4 – which went on sale today (Thursday 24th June).

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