Meet the new iPad Air

The new iPad air was officially released to the public last October 2013 (world wide launch, 1 November). Apple delivered another version of the much loved tablet. The fifth gen iPad Air is as the name says, lighter and thinner. The body is redesigned so it is less chunky and easier to lug around.

The advantages

It all began when the first generation tablet of Apple was released in April 2010. It stayed in the market for 11 months before it was replaced in 2011 by a thinner version. The second gen iPad survived for 2 ½ years. After this, the 3rd and 4th generations were upgraded to include the famous Retina Display and faster processors (A5X and A6X). And now, the new iPad air is the latest version available in the market.

  • Design

The new iPad Air is slinkier at 9.7 inches with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels. It weighs just 1 lb – 0.4 lighter than the 4th gen of iPad, but 0.3 lb heavier than the Mini. In fact, imagine a slightly larger or scaled up version of the iPad mini. The only major difference is there are more speaker holes on the Air than on the Mini. In spite of the Air’s slimmer and lighter characteristics, it has not affected the way it feels when holding it. It is still sturdy and solid as before. Hence, you will not feel it buckling down under so much use even if it is sporting an elegant style.

  • Performance

Powered with the A7 CPU, the new iPad Air is blazing fast even quicker than the iPhone 5S. Apps load faster especially games and web browsing is a much improved experience thanks to its fast 64-bit A7 CPU and a processor speed of 1.49GHz. On the iPhone 5S, speed is only at 1.29GHz.


Overall, users are extremely pleased with the new iPad Air. The only complaints are the Touch ID fingerprint scanner function is not available and prices are still steep. Starting prices are £399 for 16GB while 128GB of storage will cost you £149. If you need 3G (cellular) connectivity, expect to pay £499 for 16GB and £739 for 128GB. Otherwise, the iPad Air is probably the “best full-size consumer tablet on the market," according to CNET.

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