iPad 3's: it's on

OMG we're so excited. Months ago, rumours began swirling that Apple were set to release not one, but two new iPads this year - the iPad 2 then, in Autumn, an iPad 3 with - joy! - a double-resolution 'retina display'. It was exhilarating news. But then the iPad 2 was launched and Steve Jobs described 2011 as 'the year of the iPad 2', and it all suddenly seemed unlikely. Since then, we've heard rumours of an 'iPad HD' and 'iPad Pro', but nothing about a true iPad 3 this year.

Until... drum roll... now. Super-excitingly, reports in Taiwan's Economic News suggest industry executives are expecting the iPad 3 'by this Thanksgiving or next year.' OK, that's not exactly a promise of a Holiday-season delivery by Steve Jobs, but it's a sign the possibility of an iPad 3 in 2011 is still very much alive.

Of course, that tells us very little about what it might look like. Assuming a retina display is a given - the iPad 2 got away without one, the 3 surely can't - the question is whether the 3 would bring a significant spec bump. After all, the processor in the iPad 2, the A5, is only set to make its way into the iPhone with the expected September launch of the iPhone 5. It would be odd to launch an iPad with an A6 mere weeks later. So perhaps an 'iPad HD' is more likely after all.

What do you think the iPad 3 will look like - and when will we see it?

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