iPad 2 (The '2' stands for '2 cameras'

We've heard plenty of rumours, but now Reuters are reporting the specs of the upcoming iPad 2. If any of this isn't announced in the next few months, we can probably assume something's gone wrong at the last minute, like when Apple didn't launch the planned iPod Touch camera because of technical niggles.

So what can we expect? Well, Reuters' source reckons the new iPad will start production soon, which would match up with an April launch a year on from the original iPad launch. The screen is reportedly higher resolution, though whether it'll mirror the iPhone 4's remarkable pixel density we doubt.

Probably most interestingly, the iPad 2 will reportedly have not one but two cameras, matching the iPhone 4 with a front-facing VGA camera for FaceTime and a back-facing hi-res number for photos. Does this mean Apple will actually let users use the iPad as a phone? We doubt it. But all will be revealed at the launch, or whenever a drunk Apple engineer leaves an iPad 2 in a bar and someone sells it to Gizmodo...

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