iPad 2 on the way?

The online world of tech reporting is currently ablaze with rumours that Apple is set to unveil the iPad 2 at an 'event' on 2 March, so you can be sure to read as much pointless filler about the device as you could ever handle over the next couple of weeks.

You know the deal by now: Apple announce the latest version of a popular product, in which they reveal slight improvements which should have been on the previous version of the device, but will be trumpeted as innovations. Thousands will queue outside Apple stores for the honour of being the first to pay out extortionate sums of money, while everyone with a brain will by the cheaper, more efficient and less rigid Android devices.

This time around Jobs' lot are reckoned to be providing a thinner device, and one that has a front-facing camera and Facetime video chat. That's about it. Why anyone would stump for a new version when video chat has been shown to be more or less irrelevant to smartphone and tablet users is beyond us, but there you go. Don't expect to get an invite to this event by the way.

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