iPad 2 coming soon?

People who rushed to buy an iPad when it first came out, creaming your knickers as you rushed home to find that it was a bug-filled mess: will you be doing the same thing when the iPad 2 comes out? Because it looks like that may well be a lot sooner than anyone else imagined; according to wild web rumours the new iPad will be out in the first quarter of 2011.

The news comes via a Taiwan Stock Exchange filing from manufacturing firm Largan Precision, who say there are the ‘sole lens module supplier’ for the newer, shinier iPad, which is due for shipping early in the new year. So not only do we know that a new iPad is coming, we can probably assume that it will have at least one camera. How do you feel about that, suckers?

Meanwhile, here’s an annoying advert clearly trying to push more iPad sales in the run-up to Christmas, knowing full well that only a couple of months later a new version will render it old hat. Grrrrrr.

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