iOS 7.1 best features for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple’s iOS 7.1 is now available for iPhones and iPad devices and it provides a host of new features that will improve users’ experience. Some of the improvements made to iOS 7.1 have improved features like Siri and the new operating system has also patched up some bugs.

HDR Auto

The iOS 7.1 upgrade now features HDR Auto. With iOS 7.1, HDR resets every time the camera app is closed down but Apple has used the new operating system to fix the bug by introducing the HDR Auto mode for the iPhone 5S.

Cooperative Siri

With the new operating system, you make Siri work for you rather than the other way around. You can now modify the voice activated personal assistant’s voice from male to female and you can use Siri in languages other than English. This update should make the “intelligent personal assistant” a little better but for most English speakers won't notice much change, which isn’t a bad thing as Apple’s voice-recognition system has been generally well received.

Display options

The software also includes some tweaks that refine the display. You can now increase contrast, reduce transparency, darken colours or reduce white point through settings on your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Enable buttons

The new operating system also addresses a minor annoyance that iPhone users have complained about for a while now – the buttons. With the latest upgrade you can enable button shapes which makes finding and using buttons a lot easier than before. Enabling button shapes add a visual clue to the icons such as underlining or grey shading so the interface should be easier to naviagate.

Final word

The iOS 7.1 download is reportedly one of the quickest updates ever released but that's only true if you're already running iOS 7.06. iOS 7.1 features a lot of changes that will improve users' experience but there are reports that the latest version of the software drains iPhone battery life and causes other glitches.

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