iOS 7: Apple Lawsuit Over Unwanted Download

Irritated Apple iPhone customers are increasing in numbers following the latest software updates but one is going as far as filing a law suit. Only in America could an irate customer demand the removal of iOS 7 install file and lodge a lawsuit to prove just how serious he is.

Mark Menacher from Poway, California has filed a lawsuit against Apple chief executive Tim Cook because of the unwanted downloads of iOS 7 software on his family's Apple gadgets. He’s branded Cook’s firm “corporate thugs” and set up a small claims complaint in the Superior Court of California, in San Diego in order to get the iOS 7 install file removed.

The file is an automatic download that happens when a device is attached to a Wifi connection. According to the lawsuit, Mr Menacher wants the file deleted so he has space for games and apps. In the court paper he wrote, “Apple's disregard for customer preferences in relation to iOS7 is corporate thuggery. Steve Jobs was reportedly rough on company employees in pursuit of happy customers, but Tim Cook apparently cultivates a culture of contempt for customer satisfaction in pursuit of corporate profits.” As a bitter afterthought he added, “It is a policy that will eventually fail.”

We think Mark Menacher’s taking things a bit too seriously and far too personally, but there’s no telling some people. Apple has not responded to any news agency’s request for comment which probably means some sort of out of court settlement is imminent. His complaint amounts to $50 (£33) in compensation, which is money he spent getting rid of the unwanted download. According to CNET’s report, Menacher will escalate the issue to a higher court if the small claim isn’t won.

This update is the most significant since the original iPhone and paves the way for the new iPhone Six which we’re predicting will be with us next autumn.

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