iOS 5 is red hot! Literally?

iOS 5 is the new, major upgrade to the software that powers the iPhone and iPad. You probably knew that. It adds notifications and iCloud backup services. You probably knew that. It sets your iPhone on fire. You may not have known that.

But according to one developer, it's true.

Ever since the iOS 5 beta was released to developers a few weeks ago, there have been complaints that its increased power demands mean that iPhones run really, really hot. But how hot? Well, developer Gus Pinto says it made his iPhone 4 so hot his charging cable caught on fire.

Admittedly, Pinto isn't sure iOS 5 was the reason for the fire, but it's still pretty worrying. Still, we're sure Apple will work out what's going on before iOS 5 makes its official debut - whenever that's happening, which we're not sure of...

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