iOS 5 delayed

Apple are creatures of habit. Over the last few years, they've established a clear pattern to their product releases. In September, there are new iPods; in January-Feburary, new iPads and Macs; in June, new iPhones, and a new version of iOS to run on them.

Well, not this year. The latest reports say that the next version of iOS, iOS 5, won't be ready for the likely June launch of the iPhone 5. Instead, iOS 5 will be debuted in the Autumn.

Now, Techcrunch say they have two sources for this, so it's probably true. But Apple are very much not in the habit of confirming this sort of thing. But it's certainly feasible, especially if iOS 5 is a 'major overhaul' of Apple's software as is being reported. That would suggest a radically improved system for notifications, following Apple's hire last year of a notifications expert from Palm.

It also makes something else more likely: a new iPad before the year is out. It's been rumoured since before the iPad 2 was launched that it was merely a warm-up for a more radical upgrade to the iPad to launch this autumn, alongside new iPods. If Apple wants to launch iOS with some new hardware, an iPad 3 - or possibly a smaller companion - would certainly make sense.

We won't know what's in iOS 5 until it launches, but a preview is rumoured alongside the iPhone 5 launch. Ack, always some exciting new Apple thing to wait for...

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