Well, this is a surprise. It's a sign of how much things have shifted in the computer world that no-one talks about this, but iPhone and iPad are missing the apps of the world's most important software company: Microsoft. Apart from an odd few minor apps, like Messenger, the big M stays away from Apple's mobile devices - unsurprisingly, given that it's got its own rival in the form of Windows Phone 7.

But oho, what's this? Microsoft has quietly put out OneNote, its popular and very powerful note-taking application, as an iPhone app. Currently available in the US only, it seems to be a pretty powerful product, letting you both see and edit your notes and even add pictures with the iPhone's camera.

But that's not the really interesting thing. The big question is, does OneNote go where Office will follow? If Microsoft were to bring Word, Excel and pals to the iPhone, it could surely make a lot of money from business customers - and all the moreso if they came to the iPad as well. But that would take away one of the big selling points of WP7, which is that it comes with Office included?

We don't know what'll happen, but one thing's for sure: gone are the days when anyone begged Microsoft to bring Office to their platform. The iPhone seems to be doing fine either way, thank you very much...

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