Introducing the web celebs, first up Violet Blue

The web has changed the face of celebrity. Forget the strangled cat calling of girl bands, the incredibly shrinking body sizes of television actresses. Fame has finally embraced the web world. Last month, Forbes published it's list of the 25 hot web celebs, and flicking through the list of chosen ones, WebTwitcher can see why geek fever is hitting boiling point.

Take Violet Blue for example. The Grand Priestess of Tiny Nibbles, sex educator and "pro blogger, podcaster, vlogger and sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle".

There are a host of things to be found in her pandora's box blog, ranging from recommended reading and erotica to safe sex advice. WebTwitcher's added Violet's blog to her MIX page and has been suitably distracted/inspired for a Friday afternoon...


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