Internet World day two highlights

Listened with interest to Rod Henwood from Channel 4 about the challenges and opportunities that current web trends are providing for the broadcaster. For Channel 4 it seems to be about risk taking - the industry lost 5% of ad revenue last year, as opposed to the 40% growth experienced by online advertising. So a challenge it certainly will be. Seems like they'll be showing us some great stuff though. Already their 4oD video on demand service has had 1 million viewers watching 20 million programmes in the 6 month period it's been live.

And who will be the broadcast winners? No predictions were divulged but it would be those broadcasters who make the most of brand, exclusive content, cross promotional possibilities, corporate commitment and open to taking risks.

George Berkowski from BT Retail pointed us to VideoHybrid an excellent service that finds and catalogues the best online videos so it takes the effort away from scouring the many video sites around. "Videohybrid lets you watch movies and shows online for free without annoying ads popping up all over the place" in their own words. Well worth a look!

We were also treated to a visit from the charismatic Frenchman and Baron of the Blog world, Mr Le Web Trois Loic Le Meur. Interesting comments again on managing digital identities and I would have enjoyed talking more with him. Although he was somewhat mobbed at the end.

Booth Babe stat count: 3 scantily dressed croupiers, the leopards were still stalking (which were, apparently cheetahs) and there was also a large blue mouse. Not sure that classes as a booth babe though.


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