Internet World day one, the highlights and leopards

Internet World this year seems to be a mixed bag...two highlights for me were hearing Catherine Toole from Sticky Content on how to write for the social media space. An excellent presentation with some practical advice and tips for businesses looking to speak to customers through blogs and social media platforms. Interesting stuff and good to see the seminar full. Hopefully an indication that UK companies are taking the medium more seriously.

Also interesting was LinkedIn's Director of International, Liz O'Donnell, on managing your online reputation. An increasingly hot topic as we're building more profiles of ourselves online with ever more information available to friends and employers alike. Especially interesting when considering new services like Twitter and how high up your Twitter profile appears on Google if you do an ego search for yourself. Something to consider before spouting off on the much hyped "what are you doing" friend updating site.

Being shot in the back with an air missile was also something of a highlight and certainly woke me up after a long day of exhibition stalking.

Booth Babe stat count: two leopards, four cheerleaders and a couple of SAS style army gear girls. And a Viking, but I'm unsure whether he was part of the show or if he'd just come in from the pub opposite after a stag do...will investigate during day two...


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