Internet star Afroninja to hit the big screen

Afroninja became one of the most famous videos on YouTube a couple of years back. Featuring an ill-judged back-flip by a man who ends up landing on his face rather than his feet, it is an internet classic having being viewed over 80 million times.

Now the man featured in the video, 37-year-old professional Hollywood stunt man Mark Hicks, is set to try and cash in on his internet fame in a feature length film entitled Afroninja: Destiny. Hicks has an impressive CV including working as Chris Tucker's double in Rush hour and is currently involved in the production of Terminator Salvation.

But speaking to Wired magazine, the veteran stunt double said that after his ill fated audition for a Nike commercial surfaced on the internet he found it difficult to find work due to people recognising him as Afroninja. More recently Hicks has been parodied in South Park and featured in Weezer's Pork and Beans video.

Afroninja: Destiny

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