Internet key to Barack Obama's campaign

It is looking ever more likely that Barack Obama will win the Democratic presidential primary campaign. The Oklahoma senator's internet strategy has proved key to his success and may prove fundamental in the Democrats' race for the White House.

Barackobama.com was launched as soon as Obama decided to throw his hat into the ring. So far it has proved a stunning success allowing supporters to painlessly donate money to the campaign. It is estimated that Senator Obama's online drive will raise around $1 billion online, over 12 times the amount raised by John Kerry's website back in 2004.

Even independent internet stunts such as the viral video "Obama girl" helped to raise the senator's profile at the start of the campaign, while innovative sites such as ObamaCycle and my.BarackObama.com have allowed local volunteers to mobilise in key states ahead of Clinton supporters.

David Cameron's accusation that Gordon Brown is a analogue politician in a digital age could also be levelled at Hilary Clinton. The Clinton camp has had to rely on private funds to support its campaign, limiting the amount of states the New York senator has been able to canvass in.

But the most interesting feature of the Obama 08 campaign has been how it has used social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. The Oklahoma senator beats all other potential presidential nominees hands down in the popularity stakes with Facebookers.

Through social networking sites the Obama campaign have been able to engage young people in politics and this could be crucial in terms of raising funds for the showdown with John McCain.

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