Internet in 'actually transforming lives' shock

Sometimes it's easy to think people only use the itnernet for sharing pictures of cats and intimate details of their daily eating, travelling and weather-experiencing habits. But every now and then - usually, sadly, when disaster strikes - the internet becomes a real life saver.

And so it has been after the horrible earthquake, and associated tsunami, that hit Japan on Friday. Within minutes people took to the internet to share information and try to contact loved ones. 'Less than an hour after the quake, with the country’s phone system knocked out, the number of tweets coming from Tokyo were topping 1,200 per minute,' reports tech blog Mashable. Amongst other things, Twitterers used the social publishing information network thingy site to warn people of the tsunami's expected time of arrival at Hawaii and elsewhere around the Pacific.

But If Twitter proved useful, Google gets the prize for the company taking the most direct action. The search giant placed the tsunami warning on its billions-of-visits-a-day home page, the first time the company has placed public information on their home page in this way. And it set up a dedicated crisis response page with links to the company's Person Finder tool for Japan, as well as a tool to donate to the Red Cross.

All in all, it was a day to make you feel slightly less ashamed of being a masssive internet nerd.

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