Finding the best internet or broadband deals

Internet and broadband services have changed home entertainment radically over the last 10 years. Coming into the home over phone lines or fibre optic networks and providing us with access to all our favourite websites like Facebook or Youtube, broadband has become one of the most sought after products for the home.

Finding the best broadband deal for you is all about working out what you want to do with your internet connection.

Gaming and video streaming or the latest services like IPTV require very fast internet connections with unlimited download caps whereas Twitter and checking your emails are much less resource intensive and a slow connection would be perfectly usable.

By identifying what is important in your broadband deal you can use websites like uswitch.com/broadband or broadbandgenie.co.uk to search for providers in your area. For instance these sites let you search by cost, download speed or download cap.

These sites bring you some of the best deals on offer, deals like O2's broadband and phone from as little as £12.50 per month. Including an unlimited download cap and a fast download speed of 20GB as well as a free wireless router this deal is ideal for heavy internet users.

Other providers like Sky combine their broadband with other products like phone and TV to give you exceptional value. Free calls, quick broadband and Sky's Satellite TV channels for only £19.50 a month.

Keep in mind things like the length of contract, download speeds or monthly download caps as differences in deals could make all the difference.

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