Internet addicts diagnosed with discomgoogolation

Do you start breaking out in a cold sweat every time you have to wait more than 30 seconds for an internet page to load? Stressed out when you can't log onto Facebook everyday? If the answer is yes then you may be suffering from 'discomgoogolation'.

That's the medical term that psychologists have given to the high stress levels caused when internet addicts are unable to get their fix. With over 75% of Britons admitting that they can't spend a day without emailing, playing games or looking at porn online, it looks as if Britain is suffering from a chronic case of discomgoogolation.

Some psychiatrists are calling for internet addiction to be recognised as a clinical disorder with 50% of internet users displaying the telltale signs of compulsive use. These include forgetting to eat, increasingly spending more and more time on the net and suffering withdrawal symptoms when offline. So it's off to the head doctor with us here then.

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