Intel vs AMD for gaming

There are lots of differences between Intel vs AMD for gaming so you need to decide on your priorities. Things like your gaming habits and how often you play will make a difference to which processor should be bought. Are you a heavy or light user when it comes to gaming? Will you also need to use the computer for basic work like Microsoft Office or for more advanced programs like 3D rendering.
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AMD FX CPU's have many cores which makes it weaker than the Intel i5’s. The Intel processor offers better performance per core which is better for older games. These older games are optimised for great performance with few cores so if you’re into retro gaming, you should get the Intel processor. The opposite is true for gamers who play the latest releases. For those guys, the AMD FX is superior. PC As we said before you also need to consider what you’ll use your computer for when you’re not playing games. On balance the Intel is better for general computing as this is a great all round CPU. The AMD is slightly below the Intel when you consider gaming but if you’re interested in 3D modelling, video editing or rendering with your PC, you’ll need this PC.


If you’re on a budget, choose the AMD and spend your money on a better GPU, as that benefits the computer’s performance far more than any CPU. Overall both processors work well but for a great gaming experience you should concentrate on getting a GPU as a Graphics Processing Unit will boost the computer’s performance when rendering graphics and video. Assuming you play online, a reliable internet connection is also really important.

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