Instant justice

Picture the scene. You're in the pub. Your friend Darren is taking the mick out of you and, as he sometimes does, he's going a bit far. You normally put up with it, but today you're just not in the mood.

Now Darren starts to tell the horribly embarassing story of that incident that happened to you when you were 17. You know the one. You're really not up for it, so you say, 'Darren, not tonight, mate, yeah?' And Darren replies, 'sod off, you big girl,' and just keeps on going. And you're like, 'seriously, mate, I'd rather you didn't.' And Darren tells you 'shut up,' and keeps going. Everyone laughs at you.

What do you do? Storm out? Bit teenage. Punch him? Way over the top. How about this? You take out your iPhone, open up the Facebook app, and navigate to Darren's profile. You head on over to him, put your arm round him and say 'here, Darren, mate, look at this.' Then as he looks down at your phone, you tap 'unfriend.'

Boom. That'll teach him.

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